L’Atelier – Grands Boulevards

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Creperie - Paris 9

In the heart of the Grands Boulevards anime has both popular culture and the atetier evokes the magic of creation and the crucial role of the craftsman. Being Artisan crepier recalls the actions performed each day for the respect of tradition. The two founders, Thomas Jamet and Emeric Berthet, have created a brand of quality artisan crepier "or crepes and galettes are synonymous with creativity, health and good taste. The place is open to the city, drawing the mind of an old factory with raw materials but punctuated with pretty furniture and boiled-sweet colors free.

At the debate on the proposed dishes from the restaurant, L'Atelier Artisan crepier can boast to realize all its preparations on site. And even at the time of dessert, chocolate and caramel do not escape this requirement of "homemade".

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

11:45 - 14:30 / 19:00 - 22:30


19:00 - 22:30